Happy Sunday #116

Image For The Week


*my current state* I just want to run away from all my school work *drained*

Saying For The Week

Something from Albert Einstein, as his birthday was yesterday.


I don’t think there are any challenge related updates….. I just DLed some episodes of variety shows – We Got Married, Running Man and Cool Kiz on the Block to watch. Oh, I also DLed Likit Kammathep, because that’s the only way I can watch it peacefully. My internet connection here is so frustrating…….

Some Lakorns have been removed from Viki and Ab Ruk Online happens to be part of them arrrrgggghhhh!!!! When I first read the news, I thought it was a glitch and maybe it will be back up in some hours. It’s been 2 WHOLE days now and it isn’t back up on viki and the same goes for the other lakorns that were taken down. Thai entertainment industry really needs to cut us, international fans some slack. Not all of us understand Thai, and hence we need a place to translate and watch these lakorns…….

The compilation for February K-releases will be coming in late, there is quite  a lot on my plate atm. I added a playlist from sound cloud, I have wanted to add a music player, but I kept forgetting. I finally got around in getting it done.

School workload is sloooowly killing me….. thanks -_-


Song For The Week

Flowsik is BACK!!!! and his voice is……… You’ve just got to listen to it yourself, it’s best that way lol!!! The Calling by Flowsik, ENJOY!!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

She’s really amazing, awesome and talented!!! Although it might look as if she’s overrated and all, but I love the passion she has for her career and she’s still amazing *joop* 😀
I need my Ab Ruk Online cast!!! What I ACTUALLY need is Saya and Lipda lol!!!

Have an a lovely week!! ^_^

P.S – Going all in worths it sometimes….


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