K – Releases: February Singles!!

Second part —

30. Lel (를 ) Feat. Anna

어쩌면 (Maybe)


31. Hip Job (힙잡) Feat. Gavy NJ’s Jenny

일기예보 (Weather Cast)


32. Fresh Girls (풋풋)

달달프로젝트 Vol.1 – 할 말이 있어


33. Rex.D (렉스디)

Shawty Don’t Stop


34. Yang Hee Eun (양희은) Feat. 이상순 



35. The Nuts (더 넛츠)

Love and Love


36. J2M’s Jung Hwan (최정환)

블랙앤화이트스토리 Episode 3-1 Valentine


37. 소행성186 (Asteroid 186)



38. Zizo (지조)

트리플 악셀 (Triple Accel) Feat. Skull & HaHa


39. 란(Ran)



40. M-Zero

Run Away


41. Sunny Side’s MJ Feat. Ga Eum

이별이 남긴 계절


42. Eluphant (이루펀트) Feat. Kim Tae Woo

등대 (Lighthouse)


43. BMK

바람의 노래 (Song of the Wind)


44. Zico Feat. Ja Mezz

Well Done


45. BESTie’s Uji Feat. The Channels

Love Letter


46. K-Much

12월 24일


47. Kim Ji Soo

2nd Part.1 ‘청춘거지’


48. Han Kyung Il (한경일)



49. Deepflow (딥플로우)

잘 어울려 (A capella)


50. A Plus

Again & Again


51. 우효 Feat. Philtre



52. Don Mills

벌처럼 쏴 (Sting like A Bee)


53. Almeng (알맹)

Yes I Do


54. 50키로 (50kg)

걷고걷고 걸었던 날


55. Kim Hyun Jung (김현정)



56. Untouchable

Mask On


57. Mayson The Soul Feat. Paloalto & Ugly Duck



58. Bubble Sister’s Kang Hyun Jung

I Love You Mom (엄마가 사랑해)


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