K – Releases: February Singles!

First part—-

1. Kim Woo Joo



2. Tricky (트리키)

Red Carpet


3. Bedroom (베드룸)

Swing in the Bedroom


4. Shinhwa



5. Swell (스웰)



6. Saltnpaper (MYK)

완벽해요 (Perfect)


7. 머스트 (Must)

다시 그립다


8. Huh In Chang (허인창) Feat. Miss $’s  Kang Min Hee

이 계절의 맛 (Taste of Season)


9. Eunmi (은미)

지우고 또 지워도


10. Romance Tap (로맨스탭)



11. Chancey The Glow (챈시 더 글로우) Feat. Debi, Nucksal & Jay Moon

Come 15


12. 1sagain

밤새도록 하고 싶은 말들


13. Brown Eyed Soul’s Naul

You From The Same Time


14. Lady Jane feat. Phantom’s Hanhae

스무살이니 (Are We 20 Years Old)


15. Joe Aram (조아람)



16. Eyear (아이어) Feat. Aries

집에 가지마 (Do Not Go Home)


17. Donutman (도넛맨) Feat. Young Lion

Puff Puff Pass It


18. 40

63빌딩 (63 Building)


19. Kye Bum Ju

The 3rd Digital Single Soullad ‘살아’


20. The Quiett Feat. Satbyeol



21. Yu Sung Eun (유성은)

어차피 한번은 아파야 해 (Have to Hurt Once Anyway)


22. Taesabiae (태사비애)

오늘이 바로 그날이죠


23. Soul Paper (소울 페이퍼)

Fantastic Hazard


24. Ha Neul Hae (하늘해) Feat. Park Su Min

눈 감으면 니가 그리워


25. Berry Good

Because of You – 2nd Single


26. 15& Feat. Troy’s Kanto

Love is Madness


27. Uniqnote Feat. Young Jun & Urban Zakapa’s Park Yong In

Once Again


28. Pius

Goodbye – 4th Single


29. Tohoshinki (東方神起)

サクラミチ (Sakuramichi)


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