K-Releases: February Debuts/Projects/Collabs



Former DMTN member Jeesu debuts as KIXS, a solo artist with Beautiful(비율 A+) -The 1st Single Feat. San E


2. Rubber Soul

A 3-member hip hop girl group signed under HC Entertainment. The group consists of Park Geul La (Lala) as the leader, Choi Cho A (Choi Cho) and Kim Ye Seul (Kim). Rubber Soul made their debut with Life Feat. Mad Clown


3. Amber

f(x)’s Amber debuts as a solo artist with mini album Beautiful


4. Niel

Teen Top’s Niel also debuts as a solo artist with oNIELy, a mini album.


5. Cham So Nyeo (참소녀)

Hitmaker launches their female group – Cham So Nyeo, consisting of G.NA, Lizzy, Sohyun & Youngji. CSN debuts with Magic Words.


6. 버스터리드 (Burstered)

Superstar K6’s debut with mini album – Independent



1. J.Counter X Stringer



2. Zion. T & Crush



3. Jang Hee Young & 8Eight’s Lee Hyun

겨울 끝에서


4. Americano & The Daisy

사랑했던 날


5. Party Street’s Kim Tae Bum & Girl’s Day’s Sojin

비가 오는 날에는


6. Hong Jin Young

‘All Star’ Cho Young Soo Project – Love Wifi


7. Brown Eyed Girls’s JEA, B1A4’s Baro & The SeeYa

Just For One Day


8. Giriboy, Mad Clown & Jooyoung

Young – No Mercy


9. Outsider X Navi

문신 (Tattoo)


10. McKay & Jeff Bernat

Angel 2 Me


11. Yoon Sang Hyun & MayBee

봉숭아 물들다 (Flower Dye)


12. Yoo Se Yoon & Urban Zakapa Feat. My Friend’s Home

Monthly Yoo Se Yoon Second Story


13. T-ARA, SPEED, The SeeYa & Seung Hee

White Snow


14. Wheesung & Ailee

WS Duet No. 4 Kiss


15. Park Myung Soo & After School’s Lizzy

Goodbye PMS


16. B-Free & Reddy Feat. Coke Jazz

Love Last Forever


17. Molly.D & Xena

Sometimes (Acoustic Ver.)


18. Kwak Jin Eon X Kim Feel



19. Ulala Session X Play The Siren

너 하나면 돼


20. Hong Jong Hee & Park Gu Yun

사랑해 고마워 (I Love You And Thank You)


21. Eru X Lucky J’s J-Yo

이루 10th Project Part.2 – 가로수길


22. Joo Hyo X HA:TFELT

There Must Be


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