Happy Sunday #117

Image For The Week

I want to eat this again!!!


Saying For The Week

I still need to finish this



—> Checklist & Variety shows

I finished watching Likit Kammathep and rated it 7/10….. There are times I think I can handle Slap/Kiss lakorns, but nah. At least this is waaaay better in comparison to Sanaeha Sunya Kaen. I liked how strong Ann’s character Karnploo is. Left to me, I would have slowly killed him off somewhere along the way lol!!!  But it’s a drama, so…..

What do I watch next?? I think I should finish Bride of the Century…. It’s been on hold for months, since last year.

Animes?? Books?? – I haven’t been able to finish any yet, instead I keep hopping from one anime to another and from one book to another.


Song For The Week

A song by Asa (Asha) – Why Can’t We. ENJOY!!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Nakama Yukie!!!! One of my favourite Japanese actress.

Have a lovely week!!! ^^

P.S – Start by trusting yourself……


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