Favourite Ahjussi Thai Actors

YAY!!!! I’m finally getting around to posting this. I’ve had this idea in my head for weeks now, but I didn’t have time to go through with it. Also, I wasn’t sure I have seen enough Lakorns to write this, but then again, everyone is entitled to their opinions. I’m sure the terms “ahjussi” and “Lakorn” isn’t new to avid watchers of Thai dramas (aka Lakorns) and K-dramas.  

This post is based on the limited number of Lakorns I’ve seen so far, and that number is a secret 😀 For some reasons I feel these actors are not receiving enough love….. Or are they? I mostly see headlines about the youngsters. Plus means of getting news about Thai celebs is quite limited -_-

Just so you know – It’s in no particular order ^_^

Dilok Thong Wattana (ดิลก ทองวัฒนา)

Don’t be fooled by his gentle smile hehehe!! Once I see him in a lakorn, I already know what role he’s playing. He is the number 1 bad guy or problem starter lol!! I’ve seen him in 4 or 5 Lakorns, so I can confirm that’s how his characters are, of course there might be exceptions. But it’s good to watch him in his evil jerk-ish element. He played the role of a lover, whose love went wrong in Roy Marn, he had issues with his son in Sawan Biang, which escalated into something else. I also saw him in Suparburoot Jutathep series, Wiwa Wah Woon and Jai Rao (I dropped this one, it was a crying fest).


Kriangkrai Unhanan (เกรียงไกร อุณหะนันทน์)

If anyone asks me who my all time favourite ahjussi thai actor is, I did pick him hands down!! I think I first saw him in Kaew Tah Pee. He played the father of Tik’s character(If my memory serves me right). He just looked very perfect in that role. In all the lakorns I’ve seen him in, he’s playing the role of a prince or a king or a top executive, in short some rich guy or an important figure lol!!! But he wasn’t some jerk, he was mostly a quiet and caring father. I saw him portray the role of a player in Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang lol!!! It is also quite hard to find infos about him -_- I’ve seen him in – Khing Kor Rar Khar Kor Rang, Lom Sorn Ruk (currently airing on CH3), Kaew Tah Pee, Thara Himalaya (he played a dying king and the father to Aum’s character), Sood Sanae Ha, Jam Loey Rak, Raeng Pratana (I dropped this also) and Neung Nai Suang.


Santisuk Promsiri (สันติสุข พรหมศิริ)

He has such a bright smile in this picture hehehe!!! I’m looking up the number of Lakorns I’ve seen him in and it’s just 3. I actually thought I’ve seen him in more Lakorns. He also tends to alternate his roles from a super loving caring  and protective husband and father in 4 Huajai Haeng Koon Kao series (4 Hearts of the Mountains) and Khun Samee Karmalor Tee Rak, to a downright jerk in Rahut Torachon. I still need to finish both 4HHKK and Rahut Torachon, they’ve been on hold for a while.


Montri Janeaksorn (มนตรี เจนอักษร)

He always has a way of making his roles likeable, mischievous and funny. I’ve seen him in 3 Lakorns – Wanida (2010 version – as Aff’s character’s dad), Likit Kammathep (I recently watched this) and Love On Air (Rak Ork Akard – as the dad of Cherry’s character). I want to add Suparburoot Jutathep series also, but I have barely seen 2 eps from Khun Chai Taratorn lol!!!


Nirut Sirijanya (นิรุตติ์ ศิริจรรยา)

I’m going to be honest lol!!! I have only seen him in 3 works – Roy Marn, Hangover 2 and Lupin III‘s trailer. I first saw him in Roy Marn and the first thing that hit me was, “He looks handsome for his age” LOL!!! But he does look good.

I don’t know if I would do another round of my favourite Thai ahjussi actors, but there will definitely be one for K- and J-dramas.

3 thoughts on “Favourite Ahjussi Thai Actors

  1. i LOVE Dilok. i think i have seen most of his shows. the others seem familiar to me but haven’t really made a deep impression. apart from Montri who i remember from Wanida.


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