Happy Sunday #119

Image For The Week

I missed watching this!! *nostalgic*


Saying For The Week

I feel the image summarizes the reasons for Easter, but I don’t know where “Extravagance” fits in LOL!! Happy Easter!!! 😀



—-> Variety Shows

I had a week of little drama-watching *sighs* Thanks to an exam I have on Wednesday……. I snuck in some episodes of Majurat See Nam Pueng and Abnormal Submit though *chuckles* They were my de-stress pathways :p lol

It feels so good watch Abnormal Submit again, I haven’t watched any ep since ep 19 aired and that was months ago. I will try catching up in the following weeks.

Majurat See Nam Pueng (Sweet Death) is actually interesting, but God help me, I want to deal Ken’s character a good blow lol!!! The female actress Namtarn is good, and MSNP was her first lakorn. I like how she passively and semi-aggressively retaliates, but only if she could use that measure when dealing with her so called family members….. but nope, she’s playing the loyalty card with them *headdesk* I also like Boy Pisanu’s character, his character is so cute!!! I totally know the Thai word for cute now, “narak”, thanks to Boy hehehe! No comment about the mentally-deluded-sick females, I always expect to see them lol!! The only thing surprising is, one of the supposedly Nang Rai gets scared easily LOL!!! That was so funny to see, I was expecting a huge clash. Maybe I will see it in the later episodes.

Oh, also I didn’t forget to follow the Nigerian election process…… Yup I did, well not all the way, but I monitored the big events like Jega wonderfully and awesomely handling Chibuike’s issue. Jega did a wonderful job there *triple thumbs up* I sincerely hope the peace last until when Buhari gets sworn in May and even after the swearing in.


Song For The Week

From The Inside Out by Hillsong United, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Boy Pisanu!!! He does look so narak and boyish, doesn’t he?

Have an awesome week

P.S – Bask in the season ^_^

P.S.S – a continuation of the Bugs bunny above



6 thoughts on “Happy Sunday #119

      1. Buhari was only resident for about 6months and then he got overthrown so we didn’t get to see him do much. But Hausas’ aren’t greedy so we should be fine.


      2. Greedy or not, I don’t really care much….. Asking him not to be greedy can be likened to asking for a perfect president. He just has to get the work done lol!!


      3. No way are we gonna get a perfect president. its just that Hausas’ (based on history) are usually fair rulers and the country prospers in their time better than when a yoruba or igbo does it

        Liked by 1 person

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