Happy Sunday #120

Image For The Week

Happy Easter to those having theirs today!!! ^_^


Saying For The Week

YAAY, it’s finally beginning to feel summer-ish!!!



—> Variety Shows

More variety shows, I watched more episodes of Abnormal Summit and I don’t regret it one bit!!! Too bad for Enes Kaya though, he got edited out in eps 23 & 24…… Well, that’s what happens when a scandal of that magnitude breaks out…. It’s also wonderful to see how much Zhang Yuan has changed from the earlier episodes, he has really really changed. I’m also catching up on The Human Condition, I do have a long way to go though. 

I think I’m out of my anime slump….. I watched 12 episodes of Hetalia Axis Power. If I keep up with that pace, I should be done with it very very soon. 

I almost got tempted to watch Cruel Romance starring Huang Xiao Ming and Chen Joe, I even watched the first 17 minutes of episode 1 hehehe!!! Anyways, I’m just sticking with Majurat See Nampeung for now. I’m debating either continuing Arrow or Men At Work…. Or should I just watch both??

I learnt some new stuffs this weekend, some were general stuffs and some were about me; I need to do something about the wall I’ve built around myself lol!! And secondly, I need to calm down and go with the flow sometimes, especially in cases I can do nothing about. For general stuff; I had no idea people added sugar to spaghetti and rice (fried rice) O.o That’s new for me….


Song For The Week

This week is a YT video from SketchShe – Mime Through Time. It’s actually been all over YT, and it’s really brilliant. ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Alberto Mondi!!! Alberto is simply amazing, he just has this magic about him.

Have an awesome week!!

P.S – Be a blessing on to others ^_^

P.P.S – I couldn’t leave this out hehehe!!


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