K-Releases: Debuts/Collabos/Duets

According to what I have here, only two group debuted in March??!! I have a feeling I’ve missed something…..


1. SUS4 (써스포)

A new addition to TK Entertainment, SUS4 consist of 3 members – Hena, SanHa and Jimin. The group made its debut with Shake It feat. Maboos


2. Pretty Brown (프리티 브라운)

 Pretty Brown is a duo with members – Hyun Jung and Gu In Hwe. The group debuted with 이별과 이별하다 Feat. Troy’s Kanto (Break Up With Break Up)



1. Lim Kim (김예림) X Kei G Travus

어른 맞니 (Are You A Grown Up)


2. Yang Dail (양다일) X Jung Key (정키)

우린 알아 (We’re Different)


3. Soran (소란), Sam Ock, Ggot (꽃잠), Jam Project (프로젝트)

자꾸 생각나 (Thinking About You)


4. Rap Monster (랩몬스터) X Warren G



5. Lee Ji Young (이지영/Big Mama)

CLEF Project 3/4


6. Vasco (바스코) X Jamm (씨 잼)

로열로더 (Royal Roader)


7. The Grand (더 그랜드) X Aries (애리즈)

시간 여행


8. JANE (제인) X Lee Ki Chan (이기찬)



9. Sugarbowl (슈가볼) X Soulights (소울라이츠)

엇갈려 (Miss)


10. Newton (뉴튼) X Long:D (롱디)

Taste Me


11. Primary (프라이머리) X Hyuk Oh (오혁)

Lucky You


12. W & JAS

But We Have To Go


13. Lyn (린)

황성제 Project 슈퍼히어로 4th Line Up (Hwang Songje Project Superhero 4th Line Up)


14. Park Myung Soo (G-Park/(박명수) X So Chan Whee (소찬휘)

바보야 (Fool)


15. Mystery Curtain (수상한 커튼)

수상한 커튼의 일년 #03 Of 2015 : 좋은 계절


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