Happy Sunday #123

Image For The Week

Have a blessed and an awesome month of May!!!


Saying For The Week



I’m back to drama-hopping again -_- It’s actually because I can’t pick which drama to stick with. I knew I said something about marathonhíng Leh Ratree (2015) last week, yup, that sort of lost its urgency….. I think I was too excited hehehe. Here are the dramas I started or continued last week – Cruel Romance (Chinese drama, starring Huang Xiao Ming & Chen Qiao En), Cruel City (K-drama), Lan Ling Wang (Chinese drama starring Ariel Lin, Feng Shao Feng, Daniel Chan, & George Hu), Leh Ratree (2015), Rahut Rissaya, and Suea (Luerd Mungkorn series). I have no idea which one I would stick with this week, but I’m definitely not watching CR.

Cruel Romance is awesome, but the subtitles are coming in late, so I’m taking my time to watch it. I’ve seen 11 eps so far…. AND I got a friend that ABSOLUTELY never watches anything but western TV series to watch Cruel Romance and she’s TOTALLY and IRREVOCABLY into it *the power of Asian drama + Huang Xiao Ming* lol!! I started Cruel City last year, but I placed it on hold, and I’m back to it again, it’s a pretty awesome dramas also. Then we have Rahut Rissaya, I started this almost 2 years ago lol!!! The story is good, but I just can’t seem to get into it, so I keep placing it on hold. I started Lan Ling Wang last year also, I watched it in between classes and during breaks in school. I’ve seen 2 eps each of Leh Ratree (2015), and Suea.

I saw some similar scenes and even lines in LRT (2015), but the acting, scene arrangement and execution are totally different. Some scenes were also elongated, although it is 12 eps long, just as long as the original version, but the episodes are 30-40 minutes longer. I think the dramas I will be watching this week will be Suea, and CC……The combination looks good^^

I touched some few pages on the blog, to make it look more presentable. While I was doing that, I re-awakened some ideas, so hopefully in the coming weeks (maybe months, as I’m busy with school) there should be galleries of Asian actors (and actresses of course) and some other ideas I used to have.

MY POSTERS CAME!!!!!! They aren’t just any kind of poster, but 2 of Taecyeons (From the album Grow and a photoshoot), and a poster of Onew (Everybody album)!!! Thanks Pervy Ahjumma for posters!!!


Song For The Week 

Still Beautiful by HwangBo, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Huang Xiao Ming!!!! He is doing such an awesome job in Cruel Romance, really really awesome!!! I just can’t get enough of him there lol!!


From left to right – Huang Xiao Ming, Chen Qiao En, and Qiao Kimi. The dress!!! LOL!!! It looks good on her though ^^


Have a lovely week ^_^

P.S – Do something this week that your future will thank you for.

P.P.S – I sent a friend request to Pepper Korrasud on FB, and he ACCEPTED!!!!! 


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