Happy Sunday #124

Image For The Week

Have a super duper Mother’s Day!!!


Saying For The Week

Totally correct!!!



Amidst my drama-hopping last 2 weeks, I settled to watch Sound of The Desert last week, and I can tell you with all confidence, it was one of the best decision I made last week ( Well, making the decision to watch, but marathoning it when I have an exam tomorrow, not sure that was wise lol!!!). I loved it!!! Eddie Peng looked amazing as Wei Wu Qi, he should do more historical dramas 😀 There were some loopholes in the story though, some of the plots were left hanging. It would have been better if there was some kind of closure. I was also looking forward to some heated palace disputes, but there wasn’t much of that either. I think the writers were trying so hard not to stray away from the main plot, and that resulted into gaps in minor plots. Don’t even get me started on the green screen -_-  And there’s the dubbing also. ANYWAY, the main plot came out very very beautiful!!! I rated it 9.5/10 (my rating is quite biased here hehehe!!!)

So, I have 12 out of 30 dramas to go. I’ve been poking my nose into other historical Chinese dramas – Introduction to the Princess, and Too Late To Say I Love You, nothing is certain yet. Also, I’m still watching Lan Ling Wang. As for the other dramas I was watching 2 weeks ago, they are all on hold.

No variety shows or animes again last week…… SotD manipulated all my free time hehehe

I found this book – Please Look After Mom by Kyung Sook Shin on Scribd, I might (might being the key word) read it this week….

I submitted my thesis last week!!! *horse-dance*, I still have 3 exams to go, before I can fully be a graduate. Wish me luck!!!


Song For The Week

I was in the mood for Chinese-Taiwanese pop last week. I found this – Gong Gong Pian Tong by Jay Chou, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

I have wanted to post this ever since I saw it, so I got Pervy Ahjumma’s help 😀 Thank you for the GIFs!!!

Ken’s entrance in the first ep of Suer – Mafia Luerd Mungkorn. I can’t wait for Krating!!!


*fangirl mode kicks in* Eddie Peng!!! He’s just toooo perfect!!!

Have an awesome week!!!

P.S – Be stronger than any weapon (ep 5 of Cruel Romance)


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