Happy Sunday #130

Image For The Week


Saying For The Week



I cleaned out the galleries (some), took out images that weren’t showing and added yummy, ovaries-bursting; in short afghfkighfffki pictures, here they are – Bolin Chen, Janine Chang, Park Shin Hye, Park Shi Hoo, Joo Sang Wook, Tik JesadapornKim Hyun Joong, and Taylor Kinney. Hopefully most of the images can be viewed. A new gallery will be up during the week, do check it out^^

In the drama department – since I have quite a lot of time on my hands, I’m juggling 3, 4, 5, 6 dramas simultaneously 😀 Life is good, isn’t it? LOL!!! 2 is actually currently airing – Journey of Flower (Chinese drama) starring Wallace Huo and Zhao Zanilia, and  Destined to Love You (C-drama) starring Chen Qiao En and Jia Nai Liang (never seen him before). The other 4 dramas – Cruel City (K-drama), Ex-girlfriends Club (K-drama), Lan Ling Wang (C-drama), and The Four (C-drama). I tell you apart from the 2 currently airing dramas, the others are very very very good. I can’t say much about JoF and DTLY at the moment, but they’ve both been interesting so far. DTLY is freaking hilarious, especially episode 2.

Has anyone seen Women Who Flirt aka Tender Woman? I watched it 2 days ago. It’s a nice, funny, straight-forward, best-friends-turn-lovers Chinese movie starring Huang Xiao Ming and Zhou Xun. I enjoyed it, rated it 7/10.

Plans for the week?? – I have no idea yet. It will definitely be relaxing 😀


Song For The Week

I’m torn between 2 OSTs from 2 different dramas *ponders* Hmm….. I will post one now and the other next week. Problem solved^^. Fire of the Heart by Julia Peng feat. F.I.R, it’s the opening for Journey of Flower. I’m very much in love with this song, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

With the number of dramas I’m watching atm, finding eye candies isn’t a problem. The new problem is choosing……Ahem, I will go with the The Four 2015 male cast 😀

Zhang Han as Coldblood
William Chan as Chaser
Yang Yang as Heartless
Mao Zi Jun as Iron Fist/Iron Hand

Have an awesome week^_^

P.S -Doctrines should not be confused with practises…..


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