K-Releases: May Albums!

1. Lee Na Kyeum (이나겸)

Mini Album – Awakening


2. What A Circus (와러서커스)

REmember (No YT link)


3. Kim Bo Kyung (김보경)

Mini Album – 0516


4. Brown Eyed Soul (브라운 아이드 소울)

Mini Album – Come With Me Girl – 브라운 아이드 소울 싱글 프로젝트 4th. (Brown Eyed Soul Single Project 4th)


5. Heart B (하트비)

Mini Album – Remember


6. Moonshine (문샤인)

Mini Album – Time To Shine


7. Beast’s Jang Hyun Seung (장현승)

Mini Album -MY


8. Elsie (은정)

Mini Album – I’m Good


9. Crucial Star (크루셜스타)

Mini Album  – Boyhood


10. Secret’s Jun Hyo Seong

Mini Album – Fantasia


11. BESTie (베스티)

Mini Album – Love Emotion


12. Infinite’s Kim Sung Kyu (김성규)

Mini Album – 27


13. BoA

Kiss My Lips


14. Take

Mini Album – Take Vol.2 Part.1


15. Cheeze

Cheeze 1.5집 Plain


16. Myname (마이네임)

Myname 4th Single Album


17. FT Island

Japanese Album – 5…..GO


18. Jung Yup (정엽)

Merry Go Round Vol.3


19. Vanilla Acoustic’s Tarin (타린)

Mini Album – In The Room


20. Rhyme-A (라임어택)



21. Lee Jin Wook (이진욱)

에뜨와 (étoile)


22. JoMungeun Band (조문근밴드 )

Mini Album – Band of Bros


23. SHINee

ODD Vol.4


24. Gogo Star (고고스타)

Mini Album – Lovein


25. Boni (보니)



26. Horan (호란)

Mini Album – 괜찮은 여자 (She’s Alright)


27. Chamsom (참깨와 솜사탕)

까만 방


28. Jae Joo So Nyeon (재주소년)

Mini Album – 오래된 바다


29. Finger Soul (핑거소울)

Good Day



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