[RS] Zhang Han

What/Who do we have here??!! *drum rolls* 

It is Zhang Han/Zhang Hans!!!!! Some sites have both names, but most technically have Zhang Han. I didn’t know jack about ZH until Boss & Me, where he starred along sides Zhao Zanilia(I didn’t know jack about her also until B&M). I wouldn’t say I liked him right away, it took me 4-5 episodes.  After I was done marathoning Boss & Me in 3 and a half days, I looked up both ZH and B&M and bam I came across this –> on Fanatical’s blog. The post highlights the fashion and accessories that were used in B&M, and surprisingly almost all of Feng Teng (ZH’s character) were actually Zhang Han’s. AND those stuffs are pretty pricey.  

After B&M, I planned on watching other dramas he featured in……well, as usual, I forgot about all the plan LOL!!! But I’m currently watching The Four, so the plan has been re-activated^^ He’s doing a good job as Coldblood so far so good. One time he’s as fierce as his name and another time, he’s the exact opposite of his name. I also think he’s versatile, I saw the trailer for Gorgeous Worker, right after I finished B&M and his character is totally different. 

He has such a WIDE and bright smile 😀 No offense to either fandoms, but Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Zhang Han have similar smile IMO…….But I think Zhang Han is more handsome. I like his fashion sense, it’s either he has a good head for fashion or his stylist is pretty good. For more info and stalking – WeiboBaidu, and Wiki


                                                                                         I want this calendar!!!!!

                                                                                     Chen Qiao En & Zhang Han

Chen Qiao En & Zhang Han



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