Happy Sunday #131

Image For The Week

Street art on the street of London.


Saying For The Week



—> Checklist & Variety shows

Successfully finished Ex-Girlfriend Club, and rated it 8.5/10. It’s a straightforward, cute, light and funny drama about a man’s relationship with 4 uniquely different females. It also tells the story of the relationship between 2 average people, no over-the-top plots, or complicated issues with mother-in-law or parents in general. Of course there are all sorts of interferences, but nothing too serious. I love the OSTs also^^

After reading The Biafra Story by Frederick Forsyth for months now, I’m done. I rated it 4/5, I got enlightened about a lot of things. And I also feel there were  A LOT of unfairness…..but then…..I still want to read other books from other authors on this. I also read another book of Oscar Wilde – The Importance of Being Earnest. I rated it 3.5/5; I like how Oscar wittily construct his sentences and those hidden insults lol!!! At first I was wondering where the story was headed with “Bunburying”, “cucumber sandwiches”, etc lol, but after turning more pages the story began to unfold.

Last week was so much fun. I was at Prater with some friends, the attractions I visited were Super Autodrom (my friends and I kept bumping each other, that was our goal though lol), Aquagaudi (Water ride; I got wet, but nothing serious), Haunted mansion (Jack The Ripper; the sounds were scary, but not the supposedly scary sights), Auto racing (I love the course; there were a lot of turnings, but I won’t recommend anyone driving like that on the street for real lol!!!), and Shooting (I won a rose!!!). I was also at the Donauinselfest, it was awesome to be there again after 3 years. I only went on Friday, the first day. Mark Forster, The Common Linnets, and Taio Cruz graced the stage. I wasn’t able to see James Cottriall, and Andreas on stage. I think the artist who garnered a lot of audience was Taio Cruz, I could hardly move LOL!!! I also thought I was going to lose my voice or wake up with my head banging, but amazingly I was totally fine hehehe!!! 

The Journey of Flower keeps getting interesting with each episode, while Destined To Love You keeps getting funny hehehe! I have 14 episodes to go for The Four 2015  and 6 more episodes for Cruel City.


Song For The Week

This is the OST I was talking about last week – The Roses of Sharon Have Blossomed by Lee Seol Ah, it’s one of the OSTs for Ex-Girlfriend Club. ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

The four main female cast of The Ex-Girlfriend Club 😀

Song Ji Hyo as the ‘bear’
Lee Yoon Ji as the ‘lioness’
Jang Ji Eun as the ‘fox’
Hwayoung as the ‘cat’

Have an awesome week!! 😀

P.S – Time waits for no one…..


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