Happy Sunday #132

Image For The Week

It looks so yummy!!!


Saying For The Week

Right on point!!!



—> Checklist & Variety shows

The subtitles for Destined To Love You is really running late 😦 I know it’s not easy to sub dramas and all, but I wish the subtitles could be a bit faster. I’ve joined the The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days wagon, the first 2 eps are really okay. I like the gunshot sound effect lol!!! The OST is somewhat lacking in comparison to the original, In Time With You; but then again only 2 eps has aired so far.  

I read the latest book in the Diary of the Wimpy Kid series – The Long Haul. OMG!!! That’s one family trip I don’t wish to be a part of, ‘thank you, but I pass’ lol!!! I rated it a 4/5

I entering the KBS Korean Contest, let’s see how it goes *fingers crossed*

I might go on a trip…….but that won’t hinder the publishing of subsequent Happy Sunday posts ^_^


Song For The Week

Black Keys by JJ Lin, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Lee Jin Wook!!! I’m a bit skeptical about those shorts….. Anyways, he looks yummy as always

Have an awesome week 😀

P.S – Don’t just survive, LIVE!!


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