K-Releases: June Debuts/Projects/Collabs


1. Cho Eun Kyung (조은경)

그대가 – The 1st Single


2. Awesome Baby (어썸베이비)

Awesome Baby is a 5 member girl group signed under TN Entertainment. The group consist of June (leader), Sumin, Ye Chan, Da Hee, and Lina. AB made their debut with ‘내가 왜?’


3. Asha (아샤)

Asha consists of Da-ae, Yoha, Nara, and Hyun-a signed under CM Entertainment. The group made its debut with ‘Mr Liar’


4. Bambino (밤비노) – 오빠오빠 (Oppa Oppa)

Bambino is the latest addition to JS Entertainment, which consist of 4 members – Hadam, Dahee, Eunsol, and Minhee. 


5. Playback (플레이백) – Playback

Playback appears to be the last group that debut this month, well at least to my own knowledge. Playback is signed under Clear Entertainment and it consists of 4 members – Ye Na, Ha Young, So Yoon, and Woo Lim. 



1. Kim Hyung Joong (김형중) X Big Brother Project (빅브라더 프로젝트)

영 (Zero)


2. Park Sae Byul (박새별) X Like Likes

Sky High Feat. Young K


3. One/1Punch (원) X Dok2 (도끼) X The Quiett (더 콰이엇)



4. LJ (엘제이) X Big Bounce Project

Good Life (No YT link found)


5. Park Seung Hwa (박승화) X Kim Hee Jun (김희진)

오마쥬 I 현이와 덕이


6. KARA’s Park Gyuri (박규리-카라) X From The Airport (프럼 디 에어포트)

어린왕자 (The Little Prince)


7. Sleepy (슬리피) X Secret’s Song Ji Eun (송지은)

쿨밤 (Cool Night)


8. Ruvin (루빈) X Lena Park (박정현)

날 닮은 그대


9. VIXX’s Ken (켄) X EXID’s Hani (하니)



10. Verbal Jint (버벌진트) X Phantom’s Sanchez (산체스)

싫대 (Doing It)


11. Maktub (마크툽) X Lee Ra On (이라온)

Mystic Symphony


12. SunnyHill’s JuB (주비) X Yuk Ji Dam (육지담)

감성팔이 (My Sympathy)


13. Roci Eycko (라씨 에이코) X Sima Hoy (시마호이) X Jericho (제리초)

Wake Up


14. Yoon Jong Shin X Eddy Kim

2015 월간 윤종신 6월호


15. Mystery Curtain (수상한 커튼)

수상한 커튼의 일년 #06 Of 2015 : 항상 당신 곁에


16. Hwang Chi Yeol (황치열) X leeSA (리싸)

이 밤의 끝을 잡고


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