Happy Sunday #136

Image For The Week

My next destination –> Bran Castle in Brasov


Saying For The Week



I’m still working on my anime challenge, 20 more to go…. *aja aja fightiiing*

I have finally started my first c-novel!!! After going back and forth, I settled for Shan Shan Comes To Eat by Gu Man. Firstly, I have seen the drama, so I have an idea and most importantly, it has been completely translated. I’m on chapter 28^^

BTW, I’ve started Silent Separation aka My Sunshine starring Wallace Chung and Tang Yan. The production team definitely planned on dragging the story out, because there’s a lot of repetition of flashbacks. Twice is enough, but when a particular flashback is shown thrice or four times, then that’s a bit too much. 

Also, I’m headed to Romania this weekend *excited* I will finally get to see the famous Dracula’s castle XDD

Variety shows??!!! Hmm…… I haven’t watched any Korean variety show in a while. But I watched an English subbed ep of Happy Camp (Chinese variety show) on YT. The episode features Zhang Han, Yang Yang, Ji Chang Wook and Jing Bo Ran. Seeing ZH’s name was ENOUGH reason to watch that ep and then I realised YY and JCW were also guests 😀 I watched it twice hehehe!!! I really want to watch Divas on the Road season 1 (another Chinese variety show starring ZH), but there are no Eng subs available *sobs*


Song For The Week

Collide by Desiree. This song was used for the FMV of Roy Leh Sanae Rai 2015, ENJOY!!!

The FMV for RLSR


Eye Candy For The Week

For those who have seen Cruel Romance or Silent Separation or both would be able to recognise this actor 😉

Yang Le!!!! He’s so kawaii in Silent Separation.
This picture fits his character in Cruel Romance hehehe

Have an awesome week!!! 😀

P.S – Although it’s said one shouldn’t give up, but there are times when one should give up and let things go…….


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