Happy Sunday #138

Image For The Week

Stourhead, United Kingdom. It’s on my wishlist.


Saying For The Week



—> Goodreads challenge & Checklist

I finished reading Shan Shan Comes To Eat by Gu Man, rated it 3/5. It’s okay; for those looking for something light and quick to read, I recommend it. But nevertheless, I still prefer the drama version. After so much thought, I started The Queen of SOP starring Chen Qiao En, Gao Godfrey and Zhang Han as main leads. And I’m glad I finally watched it, I rated it 8.5/10. I really do not understand why President Tang helped the cunning, sly and ungrateful Zhen family, such ingrates!!! I gave Grate & Pream’s pairing another chance by watching Samee 2013 and their chemistry greatly improved since Khun Chai Taratorn. I’m going to pin the lack of chemistry and the level of boredom of KCT on their awkwardness and probably the writing.

I returned from Switzerland today, I went with my family this time around, and stayed in a family’s friend’s house. And the result?? I did nothing, apart from eating, marathoning The Queen of SOP, and sleeping lol!! It felt like a second house to me hehhehe The other thing is we go to their almost every year lol!!! So instead of me going sightseeing, I went to eat at a fancy expensive Chinese restaurant. It was a bit out of my league, I think “a bit” is an understatement hehehe. I took pictures of the food and restaurant though. See I’m a good tourist :p 😀


Song For The Week

Thanks to my siblings, they indirectly keep me up to date with mainstream rap songs. Here’s a song from G-Eazy titled Sleepless, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Going Thai for this week’s eye candy XDD

Grate Warintorn Panhakarn (เกรท วรินทร ปัญหกาญจน์). I really do like his acting in Samee 2013. Even though I’ve seen him earlier in 2 lakorns – Khun Chai Taratorn and Kularb Rai Glai Ruk, but I couldn’t get into either lakorn. I guess I will be going back to both of them pretty soon *motivated*

Have an awesome week!!! 😉

P.S: I found this also on Tumblr while going through my dashboard

Book sculpture by Malena Valcarcel, a Spanish artist.


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