IMW – The Time I’ve Loved You, 7000 Days

I haven’t written a proper review in months. Now I’m back!!! 😀

Info on the cast, synopsis, directors and screenwriters – Asian Wiki and MDL

I finished watching The Time I’ve Loved You 7000 Days, the Korean remake of In Time With You, a Taiwanese drama starring Ariel Lin and Bolin Chen. *sighs* I know everyone is entitled to their opinions and all, but this remake fell too flat.

From left to right – Ha Ji Won. Ariel Lin, Lee Jin Wook and Bolin Chen

Let’s start from the very top, as soon as I read about this remake I was excited for two reasons – the main cast being Lee Jin Wook and Ha Ji Won (one of my favourite K-actresses), and it’s the remake of one of my favourite TW-dramas. But I was also worried, that it would go south (which sorta happened). Nevertheless I started watching it, Ha Ji Won plays Oh Ha Na and Lee Jin Wook plays Choi Won. After watching the first ep I noticed quite a number of changes, I wasn’t really worried about it. The screenwriters can’t just copy the original version……But after watching a couple of more episodes I was beginning to wonder if this was actually a remake or not.

I like watching remakes from different countries and since each country’s drama industry tend to have their individuality, they never fail to point it out in their remakes. But I think the screenwriters and production team either got carried away or got confused along the way. I did really prefer TTILY was not associated with ITWY. If they weren’t linked I would probably I’ve noticed some similarities, but that’s nothing, as there are always similarities here and there among dramas.

Of course that doesn’t mean it’s not watchable, it is watchable, and there are a lot of kawaii moments. I rated it 7.5/10. I tried not to solely base my rating on comparing both dramas, but at the same time I can’t totally ignore the fact that it was supposed to be based on ITWY.


Okay enough said, back to 7000 Days, it’s about two best friends (Choi Won and Oh Ha Na), who are attached at the hips, figuratively speaking. They are also neighbours and hence practically grew up together. To make things more interesting, no matter who they were dating, they happen to put their lovers second. Anyway, Oh Ha Na went abroad and there she met “her supposedly one and only”. She fell head over heels and threw caution to the wind, and that also affected her relationship with Choi Won. Well on the D-day “her one and only” was nowhere to be found and he didn’t come back until after 3 years. Well he came back, and things started getting rocky again, but since a lot had happened in his absence his plan didn’t go as smoothly. Throw in 3 side couples (OHN’s bro, CW’s aunt, and CW’s colleague), family and friendship issues (among their friends) and you have TTILY. I actually enjoyed watching it ^_^


Choi Won – I personally like Choi Won. LJW portrayed him well, although he was timid as Bolin Chen’s character in ITWY, but his portrayal was quite different and I think it hit the mark. You can feel the struggle he was going through.

Oh Ha Na – Well she was supposed to be a strong career woman. She started as that, but 2 episodes in. Her character did not tally with the description. Of course she loves her job and she’s good at it, but once she encounters a personal or relationship problem everything comes crumbling down.

OHN’s parents – I like her parents, I really do 😀

Lee So Eun – She fell for CW, I liked her character at first, but after some couple of episodes I kept having the feeling they were dragging out her character and role.

Cha Seo Hoo – OHN’s ex. I had no one in mind as OHN’s ex, but Sunny Wang played the role of the ex in the original version. And that was super intense, so to see Yoon Gyun Sang play the ex, unexpected is an understatement. But if you look past that, and watch a couple of episodes you will like him.

CW’s colleagues – They are funny to listen to, and with each of them having one personal trouble they spice up the show.

CW’s Aunt, Madam Choi and OHN’s bro Oh Dae Bok – They are likable characters and they have their own side stories (love interests and such).


The OST was quite nice, I like the ending OST. But in comparison to ITWY I prefer ITWY’s OST^^

In conclusion, for those who have seen ITWY, if you plan on watching 7000 Days just watch it as a standalone drama, that’s the only way you can enjoy it. And for those who don’t even know what In Time With You is all about, don’t worry just watch 7000 days all the same and check out ITWY. ITWY is a really really good drama, but a bit draggy in the middle.


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