Remake #1 – In Time With You Vs The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days

So still in the spirit of remakes and The Time I Loved You, 7000 Days. My plan isn’t to lambast TTILY, I just simply want to point out the differences and main points in each show. I watched ITWY more than a year ago, so most of what I will be writing will be from my memory. I’m too lazy to rewatch ITWY lol

How do I go about this??


I’m starting with OST because it’s easier XDD. I actually prefer ITWY’s OST to that of TTILY



Here’s a full playlist –> click me

Cast and characters:

Since ITWY is the original version, I don’t have much to say about the cast. On the other hand the characters in TTILY is based on ITWY so…..

According to the story – the main female lead and male lead have been good friends for years, the main female lead is a career woman, who is strong, stubborn and ill-temper. And for the main male lead he is apparently the opposite of her. ITWY strictly follows this, but TTILY doesn’t follow this all the way, the female lead is career woman, but if I’m to compare her to the character in ITWY she falls short. Maybe it’s because everyone has their definition of what a strong career woman should be like. I wished Oh Ha Na was as strong as Cheng You Qing.

The male lead in both drama portrayed their roles quite well. Li Da Ren was more timid than Choi Won. Li Da Ren allowed CYQ to kinda walk over him a couple of times unlike CW. Maybe it was due to how more hot-tempered CYQ was in comparison to OHN.

The ex was described as a player in ITWY, although the ex in TTILY was also described as such. I didn’t see CSH as a player at all. Moreover the relationship between the main female lead and her ex is described as passionate and intense, to the point that the main female lead throws all caution to the wind. ITWY perfectly portrays this, whereas TTILY only portrays the part of the main female lead losing her senses over her ex, but there was nothing to indicate their passionate relationship. The reason for their break up is also different – in ITWY he cheated on her, in TTILY he left her for some unknown reason (All he did was that he kept blaming CW, and there were rumours about him and one President Min).

I don’t remember anything been mentioned about LDR’s mum or parents in ITWY, there was more focus on CQY’s parents. In TTILY, there was focus on both families. They even have their own side stories.


The story isn’t all the different. In ITWY they didn’t know each other at all and they weren’t neighbours. They didn’t even become friends until their University days. Before then LDR was more of a stalker than a friend. While in TTILY they’ve been friends since their middle school days, what happened before then, we don’t know. They are also neighbours, next door neighbours. Their parents and everyone knows them. The bottomline is they ended up together.


ITWY plots was kept simple and straightforward – 2 best friends realise they are in love after so many relationships they’ve had. The characters were also kept at a minimum.

TTILY’s plots weren’t that straightforward, the whole typical Korean drama thingy could be seen. And hence the drama was all over the place. They also made it their mission to explain most of the events, why that is that, why that happened and this didn’t happen (I actually liked it, but it became too much, hence dragging the story). There are side stories about their family members. The production team even had the time to give Lee So Eun, the female colleague who had a crush on CW, a happy ending with another colleague. Anywhere, this version had quite a number of plots which is typical for a K-drama.


The climax in ITWY was when CQY knew LDR has loved her all along. That scene was so heart-wrenching and the background music made it freaking PERFECT. CQY’s heard LDR’s confession via a cassette, he wrote a song for her. And what she did after that scene. I was actually looking forward to this in TTILY. Here, CW actually gave it to OHN himself, he confessed to her via a script he wrote. She read, but nothing much happened. That was it….Yup that was it. *ponders* Seriously, I wasn’t expecting something like ITWY, but her reaction was too lukewarm. I know a lot was going through her mind, but still……

What I like:

What I like about ITWY is how the story was kept simple, I love the OST, I love how CQY went out of her way to find LDR when he finally gave up and was leaving Taipei. There was also this huge fight between CQY and LDR. Although I did have liked it better if TTILY kept it simple but then it won’t be a K-drama (I still like it in a positive way). I like Madam Choi’s dates hehehe and I like how they showed their wedding and life after the wedding; I also like the flashbacks and the proposal of CW lol There’s no need hiding it, I like ITWY more than TTILY lol!!!

That’s all I have to say. What do you think? Did I miss something?

P.S – One more thing, I really really wish CW went on that 2 years training. I so wanted that happen, but he instead on a one month trip. On second thought, I think I might rewatch ITWY; I’m watching some MVs on YT and I can’t remember some scenes lolSignature

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