Running Man Ep 253

This recap is to commemorate my return to Korean variety shows. The last time I watched Running Man was sometime in June, the third week of June and that was ep 252. I just finished watching Ep 253 this evening, OMG it was hella funny!!! Those couple poses are both extremely amusing and ridiculous.

The person I pity the most is Big-nose brother’s partner Hae ryung of BESTie. Oh boy, they couldn’t even win a single game. The girl hardly had any air time, poor her. 

The goal of this ep was to get a key from a heart-shaped ice; the winners of each mission will have the opportunity to melt their heart-shaped ice for some minutes and the ice will be returned back into the cooler. The leading couple then have to find the right lock for the key and unlock a box. The funniest thing is the gift for the couple who won was 2 fruit baskets hahahaha!!! At first none of the other couples congratulated them but after they saw the fruit baskets they almost toppled over each other to congratulate the winners hehehe!!!

Song Ji Hyo got really pissed, we all know she isn’t that flexible. She tried doing Kwang Soo’s couple pose but the split didn’t come out right and because of that her couple got disqualified.

Here’s the pose which unleashed SJH’s anger.

Unfortunate for Gary’s couple, they couldn’t pass the second round of the second mission. But it was a shame because they had a killer pose, that would have knocked everyone out. I think that pose was well suited for the ‘creepy couple pose’ mission.

Other cuts I found on YT

Yoo Jae Suk organised a couple dance-off, one thing led to another and we were able to see both Kookie’s and Big nose brother’s abs XDD

During the first mission, Kwang Soo exposed actress Seo Hyun Jin’s Spanish pick up line. Gary was going to say an English sentence equivalent to the Spanish sentence.

If you haven’t seen this episode, I highly recommend it. Click here to watch it

Who knows, if I watch an episode worth writing about I might recap it ^_^


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