K-Releases: July Albums!

You would notice there are A LOT of ‘No YT link available’. Most of the albums are not from mainstream kpop groups and artists, and there’s also the issue of copyright infringements on YT.

1. Rocoberry (로코베리)

Mini Album – Merry Summer (No YT link available)


2.  Junil Jung (준일)

Live (No YT link available)


3. J. Han

Tower Ivory (this album was actually released in May…..)


4. Nine Muses (나인뮤지스)

Mini Album – 9Muses S/S Edition – Special Summer Album


5. Dear Life (디얼라이프)

Mini Album – Good Evening


6. The Lake (레이크)

Mini Album – The Lake In The City (No YT link available)


7. Kim Sa Rang (김사랑)

Human Complex (Integrated) (No YT link available)


8. JQ (제이큐)

Mini Album – #설렘주의 (No YT link available)


9. Minx (밍스)

Mini Album – Love Shake


10. HOTSHOT (핫샷)

Mini Album – I’m a HOTSHOT (Repackage) (The title track – I’m a HOTSHOT)


11. Pink Tokki (핑크토끼)

Mini Album – Vol. 1. Sneak Preview ‘I Must Be Crazy’


12. Microdot (마이크로닷)

Mini Album – 마이크로테입 (Microtape EP) (No YT link available)


13. Hak Do Byung (학도병)

Mini Album – 18 & Life Ep (No YT link available)


14. Solati (쏠라티)

Mini Album – MOHO (Title track)


15. Girl’s Day



16. SongCryGirlz (송크라이걸즈)

Only One (Special Album) (No YT link available)


17. D.Holic (디홀릭)

Mini Album – 쫄깃쫄깃 (Chewy Chewy) (No YT link available)


18. Taru (타루)

The Song of Songs (Track No?)


19. Lee Seung Yul (이승열)

SYK ( Track No? – Norae1)


20. DBSK’s Yunho

Mini Album – U Know Y (Japanese album) (Track No? – Burning Down MV)


21. GOT7

Mini Album – Just Right 


22. Infinite (인피니트)

Mini Album – Reality


23. KARA’s Gu Hara

Mini Album – ALOHARA (Can You Feel It?)


24. Choi Young Jun (최영준)

Mini Album – Bitter Sweet


25. Super Junior (슈퍼주니어)

Devil (Special album) (Medley)


26. APink 

Pink Memory


27. Hyuk Oh (혁오)

Mini Album – 20 (No YT link available)


28. 2PM’s Junho

Mini Album – So Good (Japanese album) (Jacket and MV shooting)


29. C Jamm (씨잼)

Good Boy Doing Bad Things


30.  Yang Young Jun (양영준)

Single Album – 사랑한다는 말


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