K-Releases: July Albums!!

31. N*White

Mini Album – Paradise


32. Molly.D (몰리디)

Mini Album – A Better Day


33. Saero (새로)

Mini Album – Relax Your Mind (No YT link available)


34. Sonamoo (소나무)

Mini Album – Cushion


35. TVXQ

Rise As God – TVXQ! Special Album


36. Sugar Donut

Polyverse (No YT link available)


37. Hellovenus (헬로비너스)

Mini Album – I’m Ill


38. GFriend (여자친구)

Mini Album – Flower Bud


39. Romantico (로만티코)

Mini Album – Knock (No YT link available)


40. Huang Zi Tao/Z.TAO (黄子韬)

Mini Album – T.A.O (Chinese ver)


41. Dramatics (드라마틱스)

Mini Album – 너를 참는다 (No YT link available)


42. Doplamingo (돕플라밍고)

Spectrum Range (Track No2 – R.E.S.P.E.C.T)


43. 20 Year of Age (스무살)

다시, 스무살 (no Yt link available)


44. Z.Hera (지헤라)

Mini Album – XOX


45. Nuol (뉴올)

Kingkong in Nuol (No YT link available)


46. Los Amigos (로스 아미고스)

Los Amigos 2nd Vamos (No YT link available)


47. J_ust X Dr Simpson (그_냥 X 닥터심슨)

#DearMuse #201507_08 #PinkRibbon (No YT link available)


48. Beast

Mini Album – Ordinary


49. AOA

Mini Album – 胸キュン (Mune Kyun) (No YT link available)


50. Zick Jasper (직 재스퍼)

Exhibition Mixtape#1 (Track No3 – Run Muthaxxxxx)


51. Ukulele Picnic (우쿨렐레 피크닉)

Mini Album – 시원 시원 여름비 (No YT link available)


52. The Daisy (더 데이지)

Mini Album – 어떡하나요 그대만 보여 (No YT link available)


53. Kye Bum Zu (계범주)

Good Life Feat. The Quiett, Dok2 (Title Track – Good Life)


54. ANDS (아는동생)

Single Album – 딴따단 (No YT link available)Signature

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