Happy Sunday #140

Image For The Week



Saying For The Week

I was looking for something else and I found this. This was simply irresistible hehehe!!!



–> Variety shows & Checklist

I finally got to finish Samee 2013, and I also cried my eyes out (rating 10/101). I didn’t see the family-theme plot coming at all, and even when I later saw it coming I had no idea it would have such a heart-wrenching effect. The only variety show I could watch was Running Man. I have started some couple of other dramas, but nothing is certain as usual.

I’ve picked up my third C-novel, Really, Really Miss You ( 很想很想你) by Mo Bao Fei Bao and it totally sucked me in. I’m halfway in, I should be finishing it this week ^_^ If RRMY is ever made into a Chinese drama, that would be totally awesome, but the production team will have to find someone, who is good-looking and has a mesmerizing voice. And please NO dubbing over, that would be highly appreciated. If the actor’s voice is dubbed over, then that ruins the aim and Toupai’s character.

Another week of Hua Qian Gu, I don’t know if I should slap Bai Zi Hua silly or I should just ignore him and hope he makes a better decision, where the world, Chang Liu, HQG and himself don’t suffer. But then that’s not possible, one can’t have their cake and still have it too. Going all out to protect Little bones and protecting Chang Liu and the world are two contrasting situations. In fact I actually pity him, poor Honourable Superior. Sha Jiejie aka Sha Qian Mo aka Holy Ruler, here’s my 90°C bow. You have ALL my respect.

Lucky me I didn’t miss this year’s IAAF, which was done in Peking. It was very interesting. Kenya topped the medal table with 7Gs, 6Ss and 3Bs; the second country was Jamaica, and USA came third even though they bagged 18 medals. Double, triple, quadruple thumbs up to the Jamaican and Kenyan athletes, they did a really good job. Bravo to Ashton Eaton and Dafne Schippers for setting new records, decathlon world record and European record respectively. In general, the athletes were pretty awesome^^

BTW, a string of posts will be published this week and the coming one, so stay tuned ^_^


Song For The Week

Since reading Really, Really Miss You, a couple of ancient-theme Chinese songs have been thrown my way. So don’t be surprised if every now and then an ancient Chinese song pops up as Song For The Week. Here’s Bai Shou (白首/Head of White Hair), the ending theme for a Radio drama titled Mo Yin (墨印). ENJOY!!!


Eye candy For The Week

I have been neglecting Japanese actors and actresses, it’s high time for a comeback XD

Tetsuji Tamayama!!!! I have seen him in only two productions and he made an impression in both – BOSS (drama) and Lupin III (movie). Very recently (yesterday) I got to know he’s in fact half-Korean. Well, it’s not that it means anything, but such a trivial info I didn’t know. I’ve got to watch more of his projects.

Have an awesome week!!!

P.S – I hope August was nice to you, but if it wasn’t, there’s still September. Aja! Aja!! Fightiiing!!!

Happy new month in advance!!!


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