Achievement Unlocked #1: Travelling Solo

I know I’ve been saying I would put up a post about this for days now, but being the queen of procrastination the post has been delayed until now lol!

This post is titled ‘Achievement Unlocked’ because I’ve always wanted to try travelling solo. The opportunity came knocking after I finished my exams in June and my dad wanted to give me a present. Guess what I asked for?? Sponsor my trip to Italy. Of course I got some cash from my mum also hehehe. Anyway, I was set and ready – booked hostels, train tickets and such.

Murano, Venice

In Italy I was in Venice, Florence and Rome. I was going to get to Milan also, but I crossed it out. I couldn’t make any quick arrangement to visit there. Actually, I thought it would be easy and quick to visit these places; well talk about ignorance. I realised I needed at least 4 days in each city to actually enjoy and digest them as opposed to what I had mind.

Sunset in Canaregio, Venice
Sunset in Canaregio, Venice

After I returned back to Austria, I got restless and I was bent on making another solo trip. This time around I used one stone to kill 2 birds – went on another solo trip and also paid a visit to a good friend, hence I chose Romania. I went to Bucharest, where I spent a night and then moved on to Brasov. I spent 4 days feeling and enjoying Brasov ^_^

Roman Forum, Rome
Roman Forum, Rome

I’m really glad I was able to unlock this achievement. At first I was scared that I would be a target of what or whatnot. But it was a really good experience, I had fun, met a lot of people, realised some stuffs I didn’t realise about the countries I visited. My next plan is to travel to a country with at least an ECT of +/-4 hours time difference to Austria. I have 2 options in mind already, somewhere in East Asia or the States or maybe even both.

P.S: The story isn’t over yet, more posts coming XDD



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