Travelling Solo #1 – I <3 the buildings!!! Murano & Burano Island

I left Austria for Italy, in Italy I visited Venice, Florence and Rome. My first destination was Venezia, Venice. I lodged at Venice Garden, which is located in Canaregio. It was quite difficult locating the hostel, I even asked at the information center just outside Santa Lucia train station. All what I was told was Canaregio is quite big and hence they can’t really tell. Thanks to some people I met on the street I was able to find the hostel.

I met some couple of nice people in Venice Garden from different nationalities. I hung out with some, and even got recommendations about where to visit. While with some I exchanged contacts^^. To make things easier for me, I got a 2 day pass, which cost 20 EUR. With this pass I was able to visit San Marco, Murano and Burano Islands, and also travel across the Grande Canal.

It was truly hot in Venice, drinking chilled water could be likened to breathing. Hence it doesn’t comes as a surprise how expensive chilled bottled water is. I did both Murano Island, Burano Island and San Marco in a day…… Yeah, it was a tight schedule. I only had 2 nights to spend in Venice. How naive of me, right? But it was worth it. I already promised myself, I will go back to Venice and spend a week and wonderfully take my time, no rushing at all. I couldn’t touchdown in Torceillo. I only saw the stop, but I didn’t alight from the waterbus. Due to my visit to San Marco, I was able to transverse the Grande Canal.

Okay enough of the blah blah XDD

Murano Island

20150712_092303 20150712_092725 20150712_092746 20150712_094552 20150712_092815 20150712_093610 20150712_093752 20150712_093850 20150712_094019 20150712_094029 20150712_094050 20150712_094207 20150712_094310 20150712_094343 20150712_094357 20150712_094436 20150712_094450 20150712_095309 20150712_100651


Lastly here’s a video of a glass making section in Murano –> click me


Burano Island

20150712_190918 20150712_190922 20150712_191106 20150712_191140 20150712_191148 20150712_191255 20150712_191410 20150712_191443 20150712_191527 20150712_191548 20150712_191926 20150712_191933 20150712_192043 20150712_192057 20150712_192452 20150712_192534 20150712_193458 20150712_193505 20150712_193712 20150712_194610 20150712_195238 20150712_194817

The buildings are really cute and pretty!!!


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