Happy Sunday #141

Image For The Week

A castle in Spain

Saying For The Week

I don’t know if I should cry or laugh…….


—> Checklist

I haven’t been able to focus on any drama, instead I’ve been segmenting dramas and marathoning C-novels. I will just use this moment to thank those who translate Chinese novels to English and other languages, hence making it accessible to us.

So back to the C-novels. I totally need to gush about Really, Really Miss You by Mo Bao Fei Bao, and You Are Still Here by Xin Yi Wu. I rated both 5/5, you can check out my short review on both here on the blog on the sidebar. For those interested in reading, there are English translations –> here 

On the Syrian refugee crisis, I sincerely hope and pray they get the life they are looking for………

Song For The Week

Still on ancient Chinese songs, ENJOY!!!

Eye Candy For The Week

A new and upcoming Thai actor *drum rolls*

Ohm Kanin Stanley (โอม คณิน สแตนลีย์)!!! We share the same day of birth (March 31). He’s half Australian/Thai. I’ve seen him in 2 Lakorns – Neung Nai Suang and Mafia Luerd Mungkorn series.
He looks really reeally hawt!!!

Have an awesome week!!!

P.S – Imma just leave this here


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