Happy Sunday #142

Image For The Week

I will just leave this here………


Saying For The Week

I have been saying I will the Romance of Three Kingdoms, but I’m yet to get to it……



—>Check list

I finally finished Hua Qian Gu!!! I really wish the production team didn’t cut out 4 eps just to meet the broadcast time on HunanTv. Apart from that, I hear iQiyi will air a modern version of Hua Qian Gu, Sha jiejie will be transported to the future to meet the future HQG. I’m sorry but I totally PASS!!! Firstly, only Ma Ke will feature in this drama out of ALL the actors from the recently finished HQG; well who knows maybe some might appear as cameos. Secondly, I will really just pass on it. I feel the popularity of HQG is just being milked. And of course I rated HQG 10/10!!! I was somewhat pissed about the cut, but Sheng Xiao Mo aka Honourable Ru tried giving us some answers. Doctor-X 2013, season 2 was quite good. I enjoyed watching it and hence rated it 9 out of 10^^. It’s a highly recommended medical, comedy drama.

I’m still hooked on C-novels, and hence I’m able to kill 2 birds with one stone – completing my Goodreads challenge and having more C-novels on my shelf. Last week I read 2 – Just One Smile is Very Alluring by Gu Man (4-4.5/5) and Doctor Unruly by Miao Yi You Xu (3/5).

I’m still 16 animes behind on my anime challenge, which is no good news…. 😦 I’m going to work on that this week *fingers crossed*

I changed the fonts of the blog to give it a new look. Hope you like it!! ^_^


Song For The Week

I can’t let go of Hua Qian Gu just yet, so here I am listening to its OSTs over and over again. 地老天荒 (To the age of earth and the extent of heaven) by Zhang Andy Dan Feng, who played Dong Fang. ENJOY!!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

A wonderful and awesome Japanese actress dropping by……

Yonekura Ryoko is ultra awesome!!!! I saw her in Doctor X 1 & 2.

Have an awesome week!! 😀

P.S –



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