K-Releases: August Albums!!

Part 1

31. AZIATIX (아지아틱스)

Top of the World


32. E Sens

The Anecdote (Track No.3)


33. Cho Meen Hee (조민희)

All The People (No YT link available)


34. 2Eyes (투아이)

Single Album – PIPPI (Title track’s MV)


35. Sumi Jo (조수미)

Mini Album – 그.리.다.


36. You Sarang (유사랑)

My Way (Title track’s MV)


37. Deb In Deb Show (뎁인뎁쇼)

Mini Album – SHOW (Track No.1)


38. Flower (플라워)

Mini Album – Kiss Me (Track No.4)


39. Beat Win (비트윈)

Mini Album – Insatiable (Track No.2)


40. Verbal Jint (버벌진트) X Sanchez (산체스)

Mini Album – 여자 (Track No.2)


41. APink

Pink Season (Japanese) (Medley)


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