K-Releases: August Albums!


Married To The Music


2. Kim So Yeon (김소연)

Mini Album – ING 1st (No YT ink available)


3. Choiss (쵸이스)

Mini Album – Choiss (No YT link available)


4. Wonder Girls (원더걸스)



5. Lee Michelle (이미쉘)

Mini Album – I Can Sing (Below is the title track)


6. Big Bang

Single Album – MADE series E (All the track of MADE series)


7. T-ARA

Mini Album – So Good


8. Baechigi (배치기)

Mini Album – 甲中甲 (갑중갑) (Track No.1)


9. Galaxy Empress (갤럭시 익스프레스)

Walking on Empty (No YT link available)


10. B1A4 (비원에이포)

Mini Album – Sweet Girl


11. KeeBomb

Mini Album – Bellboy (Highlight Medley)


12. Ja Mezz (자메즈)

Mini Album – 1/4 (Track No.6)


13. 10miles (텐마일즈)

Mini Album – 늙은이의 방 (No YT link available)


14. Woong San (웅산)

Temptation (No YT link available)


15. Fashionmusic (패션뮤직)

We Play (No YT link available)


16. Primary (프라이머리)

2 (Track No.3)


17. The Film (더필름)

3집 Season 2 ‘여름’ (Vol.3 Season 2 ‘Summer’)


18. Groove Chance (그루브찬스)

I Have a Story



Mini Album – Beautiful Liar (Skip to mark 0:26)


20. Raw-G

Mini Album – Lost Tape (No YT link available)


21. Girls’ Generation

Lion Heart


22. So Hye (소혜)

Mini Album – Love Package


23. SG Wannabe (SG워너비)

Mini Album – The Voice


24. Z.TAO (Huang Zi Tao)

Mini Album – Z.TAO


25. Simon D (사이먼 도미닉)

Mini Album – ₩ & Only


26. JJCC (제이제이씨씨)

Mini Album – 악몽 (Ackmong – Nightmare) (Skip the first 28secs)


27. Nior (니올)

Mini Album – What’s Your Name? (Title track)


28. 4minute’s Hyuna

Mini Album – A+ (Track No.5)


29. Hangzoo (행주)

BestDriver (Title track’s MV)


30. Ben (벤)

Mini Album – My Name is BEN (Title track)


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