K-Releases: August Debuts/Projects/Duets


1.HUMBLE (험블)

Humble is the latest addition to Luminant Entertainment. It consist of 5 male members; namely Bae Jaehyeok, Jeong Kyeongsu, Bang Jaehun, Lim Sunghwan, Shin Jungki. The group debut with a mini album ‘Humble’


2. 1TensioN (원텐션)

1TensioN is signed under Bridge Sound Entertainment. It consist of 4 members – NJun, Luka, J-Hyun, Chasung. Their debut single is named after the group’s name 1TensioN.


3. APRIL (에이프릴)

April consists of 6 female members, who signed under DSP Media. I sincerely hope this group will get promoted properly before they are neglected. Members consist of Jeon So Min, Kim Chae Won, Hyun Joo, Lee Na Eun, Ya Ye Na, and Lee Jin Sol. The girls are pretty young, with the oldest born in the year 1996 and the maknae in the year 2001. April made it’s debut with ‘Dreaming’, a mini album.


4. myB (마이비)

Maroo Entertainment agency debuts myB, a 5 member girl group. Members consist Jeon Hee Joo, U Jung, Choi Moon Hee, G-Won,and Lee Joo Kyung. myB girls are pretty older in comparison to April. There’s only a year difference between the oldest and the maknae. With the oldest born in the year 96 and the maknae 97, who also happens to be the leader. myB debut with My Oh My.


5. ALL-STAR (올스타)

Allstar a 5 member boy group signed under Independent. The boys are – Ha Rang, Noah, Dal, Joonhyeon, and Hoon. Apparently they all used to belong to various boy groups, which have disbanded for one reason or the other. Allstar debuts with Sugar.



1.Eluphant (이루펀트) X Kim Park Chella (김박첼라)

비숲 (No YT link available)


2. Paul Kim (폴킴) X D.Story (디스토리)

서툰 기대


3. YDG X Ivy

YDG series Vol.2 – 젊 다운 (Jump Down)


4. Geeks’ Louie (루이) X Doplamingo (돕플라밍고)

바래 Feat. Kasper


5. Emotion Boy (감성소년) X Dalkom (달콤)

안녕, 여름


6. Oui (오유아이) X Leeds (리즈)



7. Moonshine (문샤인) X Common Ground (커먼 그라운드)

온도차이 (Mo’ Funk Remix)


8. Wish Tree Project (위시트리 프로젝트)

잠이 오지 않는 밤


9. Jakop (야콥) X Raina (레이나) X ₩uNo (우노) X DayDay (데이데이)

XXX – Allday Allnight


10. Oh Yoon Hye (오윤혜) X Still PM (스틸 피엠)

소소한 이야기 Part.3 ‘권태기’


11. Lambs (램즈) X Long:D

너 뿐이야 (Only You) (No YT link available)


12. Ian Ka$h (이안 캐시) X JUSTHIS

Better Lie


13. Honey Bee (허니비) X Sun Bin (선빈)

Need U


14. Hyorin (효린) X ZICO (지코) X Paloalto (팔로알토)

다크팬더 (Dark Panda)


15. Big Shot (빅샷) X Ben (벤)



16. Dok2 (도끼) X Microdot (마이크로닷)

Goal Keeper


17. Yoon Jong Shin (윤종신) X Lucite Tokki (루싸이트 토끼)

2015 월간 윤종신 8월호 – 사라진 소녀


18. Paul Kim (폴킴) X 1sagain (원써겐)

Just Listening to You


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