Happy Sunday #145

Image For The Week

I just needed to share this hehehe. It’s Sake, a Japanese alcohol. I’ve always wanted to try it and the opportunity presented itself yesterday XDD


Saying For The Week



—-> Variety shows & Check list

Despite completing my book challenge, I still read 2 C-novels. Wedding Night Late Ten Years (迟到十年花烛夜) by Ming Xing (3/5) and Husband, Be A Gentleman (夫君,悠着点) by Su Xing Yue (5/5). I highly recommend HBAG!!! Pei Jin from HBAG reminded of Huo Bing from Ting Hua’s Da Mo Yao. They both have this carefree, aloof and nonchalant attitude, but you don’t want to underestimate them. WNLTY is pretty short, light and fun book to read. I won’t be reading any C-novel this week, I want to finish some books I started months ago.

I’ve finally caught up Running Man, YAAAY!!!! I will catch up with Cool Kiz on the Block in 5 eps XDD 


Song For The Week

Masterpiece by Jessie J, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

This month I will go with my girl crushes. Even though I’ll be going with 2 of them per Happy Sunday post, it’s still going to be a hard decision.

Yoon Eun Hye!!!! Vogue April 2015 issue

2nd girl crush Ha Ji Won!!! Pictorial for Crocodile Ladies.

Have an awesome new month and week!!!

P.S – 

Me: Make the best use of every opportunity.


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