Happy Sunday #146

Image For The Week

I was here XDD From someone with firsthand experience of Brasov, it’s a really really beautiful place.


Saying For The Week

Time for you…….



I kept true to my words and I didn’t read a single line of a C-novel. Instead I picked up A Game of Thrones, I’m still getting acquainted to the characters. It will probably take me weeks to finish, I will give updates as I read ^_^

I highly recommend A Bite of China, the show goes beyond the variety of delicacies that can be found in China. One can also get an insight into the culture and traditions of the parts of China featured in each episode. 

Princess Mononoke was really interesting, I rated it 10/10. The face of the Deer God hauntingly creepy lol!! PM was also intriguing, it shows the lengths human beings can go to gain control. And then we have spiritual forces and such. IMO the Kodamas were kawaiii. I have two animes from Miyazaki Hayao that I plan on watching later this week. 


Song For The Week

I haven’t posted any song from a Japanese group in months. Here’s Hard Knock Days by Generations (Exile Tribe). ENJOY!!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Still on my girl crushes, the last two in Happy Sunday #145 were Koreans, this week’s focus is on my Japanese girl crushes. It’s really hard to chose 😦

Keiko Kitagawa!!!
Keiko Kitagawa in the stills for Tantei no Tantei (Detective vs. Detective). She expresses 4 emotions – a smile of triumph after facing harsh conditions (Kizu), sadness over losing a loved one (Namida), anger (Ikaru), and living in despair (Nureru); from top left to bottom right.
Nakama Yukie!!!!

Have an awesome week!!! 



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