Travelling Solo #3 – 2hrs in Florence

I am such a PROcrastinator *facepalm* this post has been sitting in my draft for weeks, but I was just staring back at it. I will change the format of this post a bit…. Here we go XDD

Interviewer: Anyway, what went down in Florence?

Me: Nothing much

Interviewer: *raises eyebrow* nothing much?

Me: Ahemmm, I just spent 2hrs.

Interviewer: Then why are we holding this interview?

Me: -_-

Interviewer: Could you visit any place in particular within the short time you were there?

Me: The first thing that struck me was how different Florence was in comparison to Venice. I was so used to seeing water all around and Water buses that it was somewhat weird to see tall and actual buildings lol. I sort of accomplished a lot in 2 hrs. Thanks to the map I got, it made moving around easier. I arrived at  Piazza del Duomo, the number of tourists there was overwhelming!!!! No kidding. I found a ticket office, went in and got myself a pass to Giotto Bell’s Tower and the dome *looks for ticket* Crap! I don’t have it. I’m sure I could access 2 to 3 of the tourist attraction sites on Piazza del Duomo with the ticket. As soon as I saw the queue trying to get into both Giotto Bell’s Tower and the dome, I didn’t even bother myself anymore. I consoled myself by taking loads of pictures.

20150713_154707 20150713_154625 20150713_155923 20150713_160428 20150713_160328 20150713_160315 20150713_160309 20150713_160032 20150713_161159 20150713_161037 20150713_160927 20150713_160919 20150713_160710 20150713_160526

Interviewer: Oh really nice, so you just took pictures?

Me: Nah, nah, that would be a waste lah. I looked around  I saw Opera Di Santa Maria Del Fiore, it’s located on Piazza del Duomo, not far away from Giotto’s Bell Tower.

20150713_155734(3) 20150713_155749(3) 20150713_155815(3) 20150713_155838(5) 20150713_155720(5)

Afterwards I took to walking, and on the way I saw the Church and Museum of Orsanmichele. From the second floor of C&MoO I was able to see the dome.

20150713_162141 20150713_162157 20150713_162454 20150713_162702 20150713_162851 20150713_163113 20150713_163254 20150713_163339 20150713_163411 20150713_163535

The church is not far from Piazza della Repubblica, so I was also able to pass through PdR. It was a huge quadrangle sort of. Since I was short on time I started back toward the train station.

20150713_164409 20150713_164252 20150713_164205 20150713_164154 (1) 20150713_164140 20150713_161838

Interviewer: Nice, really nice. A merry go-round?

Me: Yup, it was right in the middle of Piazza della Repubblica^_^

Interviewer: Did you see anything else that piqued your interest?

Me: I wanted to squeeze in Basilica of Santa Maria, since it was just opposite the main train station *sighs*

Interviewer: And what happened?

Me: I was denied entrance -_- I had this huge backpack and I couldn’t take it in, and the receptionist wouldn’t let me leave it with her. So I just turned back disappointed, I was pretty pissed though *pouts*

Interviewer: In conclusion, you did A LOT of power-walking and pictures taking.

Me: Well you could put it that way.  I’m definitely going back to Florence and I’ll be spending at least 3 nights!! 

Interviewer: We will be looking forward to that trip ^_^

Me: Thank you 🙂

The end of the interview 😀 The next post coming up is my trip in Rome ^_^


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