K-Releases: September Albums!!

The 2nd and last part!!! For the first part –> click

31. BBAhn (비비안)

Mini Album – Voice (No YT link available)


32. December (디셈버)

Like A Stranger (A random track – Unfinished)


33. Woo Eun Mi (우은미)

Mini Album – My Voice (A random track)


34. ZE:A (제국의아이들)

Continue (Best Album)


35. Gary (개리)

2002 Vol.1


36. PingnPong (핑앤퐁)

Ping N Pong (No YT link available)


37. Lim Chang Jung (임창정)

Mini Album – 또 다시 사랑 (Love Again) (Teaser)


38. Life And Time (라이프 앤 타임)

Land (Track #?? – Life)


39. Yu Jung Sik (유정식) (J) (Club 505)

유정식의 골든베스트 Vol.1 (Yu Jung Sik Golden Best Vol.1) (No YT link available)


40. Kkakku 

Mini Album – Gradation  (No YT link available)


41. Yiruma (이루마)

Piano (No YT link available)


42. Urban Boy (어반보이)

Mini Album . Oh Jesus!! (No YT link available)


43. GOT7

Mini Album – Mad


44. A-Daily (에이데일리)

Single Album  – Spotlight 


45. iKON

Welcome Back (Debut Half Album)


46. Lovelyz (러블리즈)

Mini Album – Lovelyz8


47. Ailee (에일리)



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