K-Releases: September Singles!!

Part 2 – 3 more parts to go….

31. NPI 

뱀파이어 (Vampire)


32. K.O.K (케이오케이)

지낼만해 (No YT link available)


33. Jung Se Jin (정세진)

You & Me


34. ERA.E (에라이)

Wanna Be Like You (No YT link available)


35. Coffee Boy (커피소년)



36. Black Nut (블랙넛)

가가라이브 (Gaga Live)


37. 5Tion (오션)

Because of You 


38. VIXX 

Can’t Say (Japanese)


40. Ruiz



41. Reddy (레디)



42. Ladies (레이디스)

그녀는 너무 예뻐


43. Hwaji (화지)



44. 9 and the Numbers (9와 숫자들)

통근버스 (No YT link available)


45. CN Blue

Supernova (Japanese)


46. Rex.D (렉스디)

Sorry Feat. Ra.D


47. Zest – Z (제스트 제트)

기회를줘 (Give Me A Chance)


48. MC Sniper (MC 스나이퍼)

U.F.L (Unfinished Love)


49. Maktub (마크툽)

Sad Cafe Gray


50. Evo (이보)

I Am Happy Because I’m Happy (No YT link available)


51. Common Ground (커먼 그라운드)

Happy Lady


52. Vasco (바스코)

Whoa Ha!


53. The Lime (더 라임)

지난 날 꿈처럼


54. The Daisy (더 데이지)

길 걷다보면


55. Lovelyz (러블리즈)

작별하나 (Shooting Star)


56. iKON 

Welcome Back 


57. Wooil (우일)

우일; 열번째 이야기 (No YT link available)


58. Samuel Seo (서사무엘)

New Dress Girl 


59. Nieah (니아)



60. Afternight Project (애프터나잇 프로젝트)

어떤날 (Someday)


P.S: You might have noticed ‘#39’ is missing….. I realised too late also… I guess I was too excited -_-


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