K-Releases: September Singles!!!!!

Part 5 *whew* Almost done – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, & Part 4

121. Yoon Hyun Sang (윤현상)

밥 한 끼 해요 (Let’s eat Together) Feat. Apink’s Bomi


122. Tako & J Hyung (타코앤제이형)

있어줄게 (String version)


123. Stephanie (스테파니)



124. Park Jin Young (박진영)

너만 있으면 돼 (All I Need) Feat. P-Type


125. Han Jun (한준)

Yes or Nah


126. Ali (알리)

Shining Is Blue with J N Joy20


127. Jay Park (박재범)

Solo Feat. Hoody


128. Sweden Laundry (스웨덴세탁소)

두 손, 너에게 Feat. 최백호


129. Ran (란)

내 사랑은 그대뿐


130. Namolla Family (나몰라패밀리)

힙권도 (No YT link available)


131. Kim Greem (김그림)

가을이 분다 (Autumn Breezes)


132. Im Hyung Woo (임형우)

하버브릿지 (Harbour Bridge)


133. Green Narae (그린나래)

그렇게 그대는


134. Fresh Girls (풋풋)

달달프로젝트 Vol.8 – 숨바꼭질


135. Burstered (버스터리드)

Lost Child


136. Luhan (鹿晗)

超级冠军 (Football Gang)


137. Lucia (심규선)

피어나 (#DearMuse #201510A #PinkRibbon)


138. Leader’S (리더스)

Leader’s Story


139. J’mellow (제이멜로우)

Love With Me


140. Ha Hyun Gon Factory (하현곤 팩토리)

짧은 치마 Feat. Click B’s Ganghu – 2015년 하팩캘린더 9월


141. Super Junior D&E

Let’s Get It On (Japanese) (Promo/interview)


142. Beast 

Only One (Japanese)


143. Cross Gene 

sHi-tai (Short version)


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