Happy Sunday #149

Image For The Week



Saying For The Week



—-> Variety show (The Human Condition)

My week was quite interesting, one moment I thought the week was moving slow and within some hours it wasn’t the case. I was wishing I could fuse 36 hours in one day, but unfortunately that isn’t technically possible. 

Before I carry on, does anyone happen to know where I can watch Thai talk shows and variety shows?? I think I just somewhat dug my grave lol!!! I started watching Eng subbed episodes of 3Zaap, Tonight show and #Switch on YT, but I think I have seen almost all the Eng sub episodes on YT…….Well, there might be more episodes, but I can’t seem to find any….. Yep, that’s what happened, I used most of my Saturday to watch the talk shows and I was cracking up like a crazy person LOL!!! But finding Eng subbed Thai shows is so freaking hard *sighs*  

I had a nice time with friends on Saturday. We had a double celebration – a Birthday and Halloween party!! It was really awesome 😀 

BTW, I’ve ordered for my first Ch3 Calendar!!!!! I’m so excited about it *squeals* I’m actually more excited to see Ken and the other older Daras in the calendar hehehe. Once I receive it, I will definitely spam my SNS XDD


Song For The Week

I watched one of Show Luo’s new release and it’s REALLY good. Let Go by Show Luo, ENJOY!!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

This week’s focus is current hot Thai actress, who is currently starring along side a hot Thai actor in a hot Lakorn. Yup, I know, that’s a lot of ‘hots’ in the sentence XDD

Did you guess right??!! It’s Mint Chalida Vijitvongthong!!! She is in demand these days and she starring along Maria Maurer in Two Spirit Love, which is currently airing on Ch3.

Have an awesome week and month!!!




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