Happy Sunday #151

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—> Check list & Variety shows

Today’s Happy Sunday post might be a bit gloomy……. I just feel it’s necessary to address these issues……

I moving so slow with my Anime challenge *hangs head in shame* Series doesn’t seem to be helping at all, I’m opting for OVAs and short anime movies. I don’t even know if I’m having a slump or my love for anime is just waning. I need to finish the challenge this month *determined* Talking about animes I watched another Ghilibi Studio’s production, Howl’s Moving Castle, their production is coming in handy hehehe, I rated HMC 8/10, I didn’t get some some things – Why was there even a war in the first place? What’s the connection between Calipher & Howl? And is Suliman responsible for the demon possessing Howl? I liked the sceneries, they were truly pretty.

Varietyland is flourishing as usual 😀 I’m just an episode behind on Running Man and Cool Kiz on the Block. I’ve also watched the latest episode of Gag Concert. And as usual I’m still behind on The Human Condition and Abnormal Summit lol!! I plan on clearing A Bite of China this week, it’s shorter both episode and duration-wise. 

I’ve gone polygamy for dramas, I have no idea how that even happened. Well, I started Two Spirits’ Love and Nang Rai Tee Rak last week, I will continue with them this week and add Nirvana in Fire, Singh and some other dramas. I will give updates next week, if it even worked out lol


Song For The Week

A FMV (Fan-made video) for Nang Rai Tee Rak. I stumbled on it yesterday, and I’m glad I did^^ ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

So, who or what should we have this week?? *light bulb*He is an actor in one of dramas I mentioned above.

Hu Ge!!! He never fails to look ultra good and elegant in these costumes.

Have an awesome week!!!

P.S – 

P.S.S – 

So amidst all the issues that happened yesterday, Facebook made it possible for FB users all over the world to show their solidarity with France by creating a temporary profile picture with the flag of France. I was going to change my profile picture also, but I stopped for a minute and then I realised something was wrong. FB didn’t do anything wrong, but what I felt was wrong was, France wasn’t the only country going through a tough time at that point in time, but to single out the French’s flag was a bit unfair. There was Japan, Beirut, Syria, Mexico etc going through a tough time also, but all that could be seen or heard all over the news was the terror attack in Paris. 

Just if every time innocent people were killed, bombed, blasted etc in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and other non-European countries, they had the same level of media attention France had, I’m pretty sure something significant would have happened #IMO #JustsayingSignature

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