Happy Sunday #152

Image For The Week

#Foodporn #ThaiDish


Saying For The Week

I TOTALLY agree!!!



—> No significant update 😦

I was busy studying for an exam, classes and I also had social activities/events (Social Erasmus Week). They totally took my time, I was either doing one or two out of the three. The fun part was the Social Erasmus week of course hehehe. There were activities scheduled for each day except for Saturday, but I couldn’t attend 3 of the activities, because of other appointments.  Nevertheless, the ones I attended were super good and fun!!!! Among the activities were Free Hugs, Games Night, Green Tourism and hanging out with kids (Little Erasmus).

Although I had a full plate, that didn’t stop me from squeezing in 2 eps of Nirvana in Fire *wide grin* That drama is addictive!!! Once you start ep 1, it’s a closed case. You will be hooked,  totally sucked in 😀

By the way, I will be away on a training event for the weekend, so this post was written on Friday. I’m excited for the training event *spinning around* *staggers* That’s what happen if one is too excited lol!! It’s my first time participating in such an activity *starts spinning again* 


Song For The Week

We’re going 80s – Down Under by Men At Work, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Okay, I haven’t posted any Korean eye candy in a while *drum rolls*

Lee Kwang Soo!!! Our very own Giraffe, Asia Prince XDD
This pose totally reminds me of his Giraffe-robotic-off-beat dance LOL!!!

Have an awesome week!!!

P.S – 

I have times like this also, but once I calm down and take a step back, I realise what I’ve been doing.


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