Happy Sunday #154

Image For The Week

This fan art of Song Ji Hyo by 农村闺女 is just freaking awesome!!!


Saying For The Week



Neither animes nor variety shows this week, well except for the Idol Athletic Chuseok Special 2015, but I’m not counting that as a variety show lol

I’m on ep 31 of Nirvana in Fire, and OMG!!! Everything just had to go down – Mei ChangSu became very ill (I would like to know more about his illness), he’s been hit at various sides by Jia Xiang, Ban Ruo and Prince Yu, and there’s the probability that Prince Jing might also deal him a blow for a totally different reason. Anyway, the camp of Mei ChangSu has been thrown into chaos. I can’t wait to see how he sorts things out when he wakes up *excited*

I would like congratulate UKISS’ Eli and former member Dongho on their respective marriages, and most especially Eli who will soon be a father XDD I wish them A LOT of happiness!!!!


Song For The Week

I watched Jolin Tsai’s performance in Hong Kong at the MAMA 2015. Here’s the MV for the song she performed, Play. ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Guess who dropped by??!!

Aum Atichart!!!

Have an awesome week and Happy St. Nicholas Day!!!

P.S – 


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