Happy Sunday #155

Image For The Week


Saying For The Week

My goals for 2016?!?! ๐Ÿ˜€



More and MORE episodes of Nirvana in Fire. I’ve also started Love Me If You Dare, but I’m not actively watching it like NiF. I really wish I could marathon NiF, but sadly it’s not possible with my schedule. Apart from NiF, I’m busy with finals, very exciting -_-ย 

BTW, Tarm Rak Keun Jai has started airing!!! Nadech looks even more HAWT with the facial hair ๐Ÿ˜€ I will start watching it sometime next year, moi will take it slowly XDD


Song For The Week

It’s the ending OST for Nirvana in Fire aka Lang Ya Bang, When the Wind Blows (้ฃŽ่ตทๆ—ถ) by Hu Ge. ENJOY!!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Take a guess!!! I’ve fallen in love with a couple of new Chinese actors *grins like an idiot*ย 

Chen Long (้™ˆ้พ™)!!! He plays Commander Meng Zhi in Nirvana in Fire. I love his character in NiF. His character is so simple-minded and cute, it’s a wonder he could rise in rank and be trusted by the emperor. I really love this picture!! *fangirl mode on*
As Meng Zhi on the set of Nirvana in Fire ย 

ย Have an awesome week!! ^_^

ย P.S – We only live once (Just a little reminder)Signature


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