Happy Sunday #156

Image For The Week

Summary of most my exams this semester -_-


Saying For The Week



—> Checklist

I got some work done on my Anime challenge, I have 8 more to go. I have been trying to express all week how wonderful, amazing, top notch, on-point, well executed *begins to run out of adjectives* fantastic, freaking amazing, beautiful……*runs out of words* Nirvana in Fire is. The only thing I came up with is PURE AWESOMENESS!! That’s exactly what it is. I have been going on and on about it on my Twitter and Tumblr accounts lol

My current mood – Tomorrow it will ALL be over and I will be able to properly get into the holiday mood.


Song For The Week

This is actually one of the reasons I started listening to Kpop. I had totally forgotten about it until I stumbled on it today. A lyrics parody of SHINee’s Lucifer, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

I have only seen this actress in one show. I’m looking forward to her next projects (Mi Yue Zhuan and Ode to Joy), and browsing through her earlier projects.

Liu Tao!!! She had the role of Princess/Duchess Nihuang in Nirvana in Fire.


*sneaks in another photo*

Have an awesome week!!! 

P.S – 

The reason for the season


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