K-Releases: November Albums!!

Part 2

31. Nuvo (누보)

Mini Album – 8 Nuvo (No YT link available)


32. J-Dogg (제이독)

Mini Album – Portrait (No YT link available)


33. Park Won (박원)

One More Chance (No YT link available)


34. Kim Jo Han (김조한)

Once in A Lifetime (Track 1)


35. JJK 

Mini Album – Project Compound 


36. Hologram Film (홀로그램 필름)

Cosmic Color 


37. Dia Girls (다이아걸스)

Single Album – Dia Girls First Single Album 


38. iKON

Welcome Back 


39. BAP

Mini Album – Matrix 


40. Long:D (롱디)

Mini Album – 야간주행 (Night Drive) (Title track)


41. Seo In Young (서인영)

Mini Album – SIY (No YT link available)


42. FT Island’s Lee Hong Ki 

Mini Album – FM302


43. Dynamic Duo (다이나믹 듀오)

Grand Carnival 


44. Brown Whale (브라운 웨일)

Mini Album – Talkative (No YT link available)


45. YKSI

NeverEnding Tales (No YT link available)


46. Vanilla Acoustic’s Tarin

Mini Album – In the Room Part.2 (Track ?)


47. Park Ju Won (박주원)

집시시네마 (Gypsy Cinema) (No YT link available)


48. Huh Gak (허각)

Mini Album – 겨울동화 (A Winter Fairy Tale)


49. GOT7 

Mad – Winter Edition


50. 9Muses

Mini Album – Lost


51. Verbal Jint 

Go Hard. Part 1: 양가치


52. Ben

Mini Album – Soulmate (No YT link available)


53. LeeSSang’s Gil

Mini Album – Road Project #1


54. Shinina Band (신이나밴드)



55. Park Si Hwan (박시환)

Mini Album – Monster (Farewell Road)


56. Chancey The Glow (챈시 더 글로우)

Good Afternoon


57. Every Single Day (에브리 싱글 데이)

아무렇지 않은 듯 (Track 4)


58. Shinhwa’s Kim Dong Wan

Mini Album – W


59. UP10TION (업텐션)

Mini Album – Bravo!


60. illinit (일리닛)

Made In ’98 (Album Preview)


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