Happy Sunday #157

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Part of my plan for 2016!!



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This is last Happy Sunday post for this year *feeling of accomplishment* but this is not the last post for this year. There is probably still one or two more posts ^_^

I watched some MORE movies, thanks to my parents lol I watched some pretty short animes and movies (Sword of the Stranger – 8/10, Ojisan no Lamp – 9/10, Furiko – 8/10, Aru Tabibito no Nikki – 8/10, Kara no Kyoukai 3 – 8/10) but I still have 3 more to go. I’m definitely bringing down the bar next year……

Ugly Duckling series is the trend for me at the moment ๐Ÿ˜€ Sometime in the middle of the year I knew about it. How? Why? It stars Put Puttichai, Shaun Jindachot and Esther Supreela!!! Anyway I saw titbits of Perfect Match starring Put & Worranit, it was interesting and I placed it on my radar for next year. Last week I stumbled on a FMV of Don’t the 3rd installment and I was SOLD lol!!! I got my younger sis to watch with me *evil laughter* For the seek of decency I didn’t marathon the whole show in a day (it was very possible though) lol. Boy’s Paradise (4th installment) is currently airing – the plan is to catch up and go back to watching Perfect Match (1st installment). As for the 2nd installment (Pity Girl) *clears throat* I will see to it.ย 

I freaking enjoyed Don’t I was laughing so much!!! Of course be ready for ย A LOT of cheese, it’s freaking thick lol!! Nevertheless it’s so interesting and cute. I liked the guy who played Maewnam’sย dad (Joke SoCool), he’s acting is so comical, while her bro (Namton) is ULTRA cute XDD I thoroughly enjoyed it. It was refreshing!! I just started Boy’s Paradise yesterday, I was literally LOL while watching ep 1 and it’s so good to see Shaun & Esther paired up together again after Leh Ratree (2015). I so love James McFadden’s character LJ hahahahaha, and there’s the Superstar guy Rayji (I don’t know his real name). I’ve seen 2 eps so far, and 5 eps have been uploaded on GMMtv’s account on YT.

Don’t worry I’m still watching Love Me If You Dare ^_^ I watched eps 21 & 22 yesterday morning……Yup on Saturday morning lol Simon Bo actually put up a risky show to meet with Xie Han personally. I must confess I don’t totally understand the business with Allen Bo. Evan & Simon keep saying Allen doesn’t exist, meaning he has no split personality. But something doesn’t just add up. I will probably understand it betterย this week. The last 2 eps will air this week!!! *sad & happy*

So what else?!! Of course I had a lovely time with my family – eating, gossiping, chatting, watching movies and showsย 


Song For The Week

Take a listen to Lush Life by Zara Larsson, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

One of my favourite actresses โค โค

Julia Roberts!!! I love her smile and laughter!!! She has such wild smile and hearty laughter.

Have an awesome week!! ^_^

P.S – You are never given more than you can handleย 

P.P.S –ย 



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