K-Releases: November Debuts/Collabos/Projects


1. VAV (브이에이브이)

VAV is the latest addition to AQ Entertainment. It consists of 6 members – Xiao (Chinese), St. Van (Leader), Baron, ACE, GyeoUI, and Jacob (Maknae). VAV debut with mini album Under the Moonlight (on the 31. Oct)


2. M.A.P.6

M.A.P.6 is signed under Dream T Entertainment. The word “debut” doesn’t actually fit the members of this group, because it’s more of a change of line up and name of the group A-Prince. Members consist of Minhyuk (Leader), Jjun, Sign (the only new face), Sun, J.Vin and Woobin (Maknae). The boys made a comeback with Storm.


3. Snuper (스누퍼)

Snuper signed under WidMay Entertainment debut with mini album “쉘 위 (Shall We)”. The group consists of 6 members – Su Hyun, Sang Il, Tae Woong, Woo Sung, Sang Ho and Se Bin (Maknae).



1. Back Shin Project (백신프로젝트)

한시간을 걸었어


2. DEAN X Dok2 X Zico

풀어 (Pour Up)


3. Jung Hee Chul (정희철) X J Star (제이스타)

I Know


4. Baek Chan (백찬) X Joohee (주희)

미련은 미련일뿐야 (No YT link available)


5. Monsta-X’s Jooheon 

Flower Cafe Feat. I.M, Sam Ock (Produced by J Beat & A June)


6. Pae Su Jung (배수정 ) X Na Yoon Kwon (나윤권)

Tell Me Why


7. Die-A Project (다이아 프로젝트)

Die-A Project Vol.1


8. Highbrow (하이브로우) X Dok2 (도끼)

요즘 내가 (High Up)


9. San E (산이) X Mad Clown (매드 클라운)

Sour Grapes


10. The One (더 원) X Jeon Bong Jin (전봉진)

사랑을 몰랐어 (I Did Not Know Love)


11. Jung Sang Su (정상수) X Estell (에스텔) X Ray (레이) 

New Day (No YT link available)


12. Sosun (소선) X December (디셈버)



13. Yoon Jong Shin X Y.E.T

2015 월간 윤종신 11월호


14. Tako & J Hyung (타코앤제이형)

모르겠죠 (어떡하죠 Part.2)


15. Vasco (바스코) X Leah (리아) X Geragida (제라지다)

So Mack & Unconditional (Teaser)


16. Mystery Curtain (수상한 커튼)

수상한 커튼의 일년 #11 Of 2015 : 메리크리스마스


17. Moonshine (문샤인) X Molly.D (몰리디) 

So Bad (Teaser)


18. Jessi X Dok2

뒷꿈치 들어 (Raise Your Heels) – For some weird reason I can’t add the YT video. The link will lead to the YT video.



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