Happy Sunday #159

Image For The Week

Found on Tumblr; by Jay-R-Took


Saying For The Week



–> Checklist & Variety show

I have already started working on my challenges and the movie part is totally on fleck LOL!! I’m almost halfway through it. Reading have also begun – Great Civilizations: Diverse and Magnificent Cultures. *sighs* I will soon be heading back to Uni *sobs* I really want to finish The Disguiser (Chinese drama) before I head back this week. I’m on ep 20, which is halfway.

Episodes 131 & 132 of Cool Kiz on the Block were pretty interesting. I think the only thing I know about MadTown is their debut song and their entertainment agency, J.Tune. As for the members, no idea whatsoever. Thanks to CKotB I now know a member 😀 Jota did really awesomely well in both episodes. As for Running Man…..I think I’m 2 months worth of episodes behind. I’ve got to catch up one way or the other.


Song For The Week

I Need U by BTS, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Lookie lookie……..

Sato Takeru + Macaroni = EXTRA yummy!!!

Have an awesome week!!!

P.S – Smile is the way to solve many problems ^_^Signature

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