Happy Sunday #160

Image For The Week

Hu Ge & Wu Lei!!! I ultra super duper LOVE this particular shoot!! It’s just perfect. I’m exerting a lot of self-restrain atm, I want to spam the whole shoot lol!!!


Saying For The Week



—> Check list 

I marathoned the Thai remake of It Started With A Kiss, Kiss Me. I actually liked it, I like Ananda’s take on the remake. One thing I really didn’t like was Mike D’Angelo’s hair colour. That colour was just off on him, it makes him look paler. He looked so much hotter in the last episode, and I attribute 75% to the change of his hair colour lol! What I like about this remake; the way the parents handled the relationship problem their kids had, the Mom (she blackmails TenTen into doing everything lol), Thai medicine and in general, I had an overall different feeling in comparison to the other versions.

Talking about reviews, I find it easier and quicker to write reviews on Tumblr. There’s no reason in particular except that I have Tumblr app on my phone, so I just update as soon as I watch an episode or finish watching a drama. I will update In My Words’ page with the links of reviews on Tumblr. 


Song For The Week

Lieblingsmensch by Namika, ENJOY!!!


Eye Candy For The Week

Hahaha!! I just had to share this XDD

ZE:A’s Kwang Hee!!! This is so him lol! – Elle Magazine January Issue ’16

Have an awesome week ^_^

P.S – Be stronger than any weaponSignature

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