K-Releases: December 2015 Singles!

This is so overdue…….I had finals, hence almost everything was placed on hold. I will try to compensate for this by posting all’em parts as quick as possible, AND I will post January’s compilation as FAST as possible also.

BTW, I will be going with the list format for this December 2015 K-Releases…..

Let’s get started ^_^

1. Star (별)

Everyday Christmas


2. Sosimboys (소심한 오빠들)



3. Ran (란)

그대와 흰눈처럼 순수한 사랑을 해


4. Phantom (팬텀)

확신을 줘 (Could You Be Mine?)


5. Green Club (그린클럽)



6. Edison (에디슨)

따뜻한 곳 


7. Afternight Project (애프터나잇 프로젝트)



8. NELL (넬)

3인칭의 필요성 (Lost in Perspective)


9. Kim Park Chella (김박첼라)

Cliche The Blue


10. Kassy (케이시)

Ooh Ooh Ooh 


11. Jeong Hae Il (정해일)

넌 나를 다시 안아줄까


12. Jolly V (졸리 브이)



13. Joe Rhee (죠리)

On Me


14. Fresh Girls (풋풋)

달달프로젝트 Vol.10 – 아 너였구나


15. Common Ground (커먼 그라운드)

Just Perfection


16. Acousweet (어쿠스윗)

눈을 뜨면


17. Beenzino (빈지노)

We Are Going To


18. LuHan (鹿晗)

 重启Ⅱ (Reloaded II)


19. Melody’s Yeo Eun (멜로디데이)

날 보러 와요 Feat. 휘성


20. Won Jong Chan (원종찬)

날이 더워질 무렵 (Day by Day)


21. Page (페이지)

겨울밤의 꿈


22. Lisa (리사)

No Matter


23. Jungheum Band (정흠밴드)

별 여덟


24. Gioielli (조이엘리)

눈꽃송이의 비밀


25. Lunch (중식이)



26. JuBora (주보라)

크리스마스에 눈이 오면 (White Christmas)


27. Choi Jae Hoon (최재훈)

Blue (Mare Imbrium)


28. Bester (베스터)

Zoom In 


29. Phenomenon (페노메논)

새로워 (Fresh)


30. Maydoni (메이다니)


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